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Local Psychologist

At Takes Care Specialist Centre, we provide psychology services through face-to-face and various Telehealth platforms across all Brisbane and regional areas. Located in Woolloongabba, Takes Care Specialist Centre is close to Greenslopes, Annerly, Morningside, Coorparoo and Camp Hill. Furthermore, it is accessible by public transport to many Brisbane suburbs, such as Toowong, St Lucia, Indooroopilly, and Jindalee.

Our experienced Brisbane psychologists provide assessments and evidence-based therapies to you to facilitate reaching your goals and manage your emotional needs, health and well-being. 

When you see a  registered psychologist at Takes Care Specialist Centre, you will also have access to a team of not only psychologists, but also psychiatrists, other allied health professionals, such as speech pathologist. 

In addition to their extensive experience in dealing with a diverse range of mental presentations, our psychologists have been also providing their services to WorkCover, DVA and NDIS (Registered provider).

Our psychology services, described below, are available to people in Brisbane and beyond who may travel to Woolloongabba for an appointment. We offer Telehealth for eligible regional areas.

Psychology and Counselling For Adult, Adolescent, and Children

Our general and registered clinical psychologists can diagnose and treat mental health conditions in children, adolescents, and adults.

Your journey to recovery starts at the initial meeting where you discuss the reason for your referral, share your background, learn about various therapeutic pathways, and commence the treatment process with a caring clinical psychologist.

Instead of keeping to one therapeutic modality for all, our psychologists use various evidence-based therapies that connects best  with your personal needs. Please see a list of our Areas of Expertise page for more information.

Psychologist Treatment of Adults

Our experienced psychologists provide a wide array of psychological therapies and assessments to work with Adults in supporting their mental health. These include: Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Solution Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

Psychologist Treatment of Children and Adolescents

Areas of that may require treatments in children and adolescents include low mood, anxiety, aggression, trauma, coping with parental separation, and attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Through provision of evidence-based therapies, tailored towards the younger generation, our psychologists’ treatment approach can assist your children and adolescents to get the good start in life and support them through the turbulent adolescent years

Meet Our Team of Psychologists Located in Brisbane

Takes Care Specialist Centre works hard to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest level of care to assist them in improving their general well-being and allowing them to live happier and more successful lives. Our team of Psychologists use an evidence-based approach to support individuals and couples in their mental health and wellbeing. Our psychologists are also supported by other professionals from complimentary mental health services within a safe and supportive environment.


Katayoon Haghseresht – Principal Psychologist

Katayoon is fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. In 2010, she founded Takes Care Psychology which is now trading under the name Takes Care Specialist Centre after working as a psychologist for government and not-for-profit organisations for 12 years. In addition, she has over 20 years’ experience in providing psychological counselling for patients experiencing a variety mood disorders including depression, anxiety, complex and post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement disorder and patients who are experiencing and have survived cancer and other chronic illnesses. In the last few years, she has gained a special interest supporting NDIS participants who are neurodivergent, have a form of schizophrenia and intellectual disability. Katayoon speaks Farsi, which is a language spoken by people from Iran and Afghanistan.

Katayoon brings a wealth of experience along with a great enthusiasm and love for what she does, which is providing a psychological service that is individually tailored and responsive.


Rosalba Medoro – Clinical Psychologist

Rosalba Medoro is fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and specialises in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with mental health problems, particularly anxiety and depression. She also has clinical expertise in working with pregnant and parenting mothers with a dual diagnosis of a mental illness and substance misuse.

Rosalba has significant experience working with children and adults who have experienced trauma, grief and loss including abuse, neglect and family violence. Rosalba also enjoys working systemically with couples and families to address relationship issues, parenting problems and family conflict. She has a strong interest in working with refugees to address a range of mental health issues.

Her areas of special interests include alcohol and drug issues, stress, childhood and adult trauma, attachment and parenting (accredited to provide 123Magic parenting program), anxiety and mood disorders (children, adolescents and adults), educational and intellectual assessments.


Gillian Meteyard – Psychologist

Gillian Meteyard is fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. Gillian has worked as a psychologist in the adult mental health field for over twenty-five years in a range of settings. These include government mental health community and in-patient settings; as well as not-for profit community-based services.

 Gillian works collaboratively and compassionately to engage with adults who experience anxiety disorders, depression, post- traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health concerns such as complex trauma, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Gillian has significant experience working with men and women with a history of childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

 Gillian utilises evidence based and effective interventions such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Compassion Focussed Therapy, underpinned by a positive psychology and trauma informed framework.

Gillian has a special interest in providing compassion focussed counselling and support to adults who are adjusting to the loss of a loved one; the impact of chronic health conditions; and other life transitions.

Mental Health Care for All

From our centre in Woolloongabba, we serve the mental health needs of Greenslopes, Coorparoo, Morningside, and Camp Hill QLD, and Brisbane suburbs beyond. We offer Telehealth visits so that every Australian — regardless of background — can enjoy the benefits of regular mental health care. We are registered with NDIS, and are happy to provide care to NDIS patients of all ages.

 Our psychologists cover all areas of practice, so we’re certain to find the right psychologist with experience working to help with your specific mental health needs. Our psychologists have the skills to help clients with a range of emotional issues, including anxiety and depression and a range of other mental health concerns.  To speak to one of our highly qualified psychologists, call 07 3870 9388 today. We’re here to help you on your path to a better state of mental health, so contact us today.

Psychologists in Brisbane

Meet With One of Our Qualified Psychologists in Brisbane

Get a Referral to See a Psychologist

To be able to claim a Medicare rebate you will need to speak to your GP to refer you to a psychologist. Once you have initiated your Mental Health Treatment Plan you can claim a rebate from Medicare for up to to 10 appointment with a clinical psychologist. Mention this in your initial call and we can guide you in this process. 

Our Clinic Location and Reach

Our Mental Health and Psychology Practice is conveniently located in Woolloongabba, our practice is easily accessible by public transport. We proudly serve not only the surrounding suburbs of Greenslopes, Annerly, Coorparoo, Camp Hill, Morningside, and Carina but also receive referrals from various Brisbane suburbs, including Albion and Kedron. Through telehealth, we extend our psychology services to rural areas in QLD, NSW, and Victoria, ensuring that distance doesn’t hinder your access to quality care.