Prevalence of Mental Health Issues

It is very well understood that the incidents of mental health issues have been rising for sometimes. The 2021 National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing estimated that:

  • Over 2 in 5 (43.7%) Australians aged 16–85 had experienced a mental disorder during their lifetime.
  • Generally, in comparison with the elderly (75-85) 16–24-year-olds were most likely to have experienced symptoms of a mental disorder in the previous 12 months.

In addition to high level of prevalence of mental health issues, only half of the people experiencing them seek assistance. 

As financial barriers may impede some people to seek assistance, we have provided here an overview of how the Medicare system can support you with seeking assistance. 

Common pathway to see a psychologist

  1. The common pathway to see a psychologist starts with seeing your GP. 
  2. During your appointment with your GP, you would discuss the reasons that you are seeking assistance and your symptoms and what you need to achieve. 
  3. After identifying the mental health issues that need to be addressed, your GP would then prepare a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) for you to see a psychologist of your choice. 

In addition to helping, you with the cost of seeing a psychologist, through the Medicare system, a Mental Health Care Plan provides the following benefits:

  • It identifies what type of health care you need and describes what you and your doctor have agreed you are aiming to achieve.
  • Treatment options
  • Available support services

Next stage after obtaining your MHCP

Using your MHCP, you will be able to obtain Medicare rebates for 10 psychology sessions per calendar year. 

The process is as follows. 

  1. You can obtain your Medicare rebate for each session, after the completion of your session. 
  2. You are then required to return to your GP for a review after 6 sessions. In your review, you will discuss your progress to decide on whether you require a further 4 sessions.

Eligibility for obtaining a Mental Health Treatment Plan

  1. A MHCP is available to all Australian citizens and permanent residents, who are diagnosed to have a mental health disorder by his/her GP. 
  2. Important point: You cannot obtain Medicare rebates with a MHCP for seeing a psychologist to solve personal problems.
  3. If a personal problem had led to a mental health presentation, then a MHCP can be used to provide some support toward regaining your mental health. 

This means that if your personal challenges, A MHCP can provide you the support for overcoming many mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, panic disorders, phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and adjustment disorder.

Psychological Services at Takes Care Specialist Centre

  1. Our psychological services are available to all who live in Brisbane and regional areas, through face-to-face and telehealth sessions. 
  2. At Takes Care Specialist Centre, you will also have access to team of not only psychologists, but also psychiatrists, exercise physio with a full gym, hypnotherapist for weight loss, relationship counsellors and dieticians.
  3. Our psychologists have:
    • been provider of psychology services to all NDIS participants for several years.
    • extensive experience in managing various work-related mental health presentations, as they have been providing their services to WorkCover clients

Convenience of visiting Takes Care Specialist Centre

Takes Care Specialist Centre is situated in Greenslopes, a central location, with available car parks and close to public transport and fitted with disability access. 

There is a bus network in surrounding suburbs, such as Annerley, Camp Hill, Cannon Hills, Carina, Coorparoo, Woolloongabba, and Morningside. As we are close to Pacific Motorway (Formerly South East freeway), we are a short drive away from suburbs further down such Mt Gravatt and Windsor, Herston and Albion on the north. 

To book and appoint or making further queries, please call us on 07 3870 9388