National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way to provide individualized support for Australians; aged 0-65 years old, with permanent and significant disability.

NDIS takes the approach of providing the reasonable and necessary financial support based on individual needs and goals, so that eligible individuals can enjoy fulfilling lives by pursing their goals in areas, such as education, employment and travel.

As a NDIS registered provider, Takes Care Specialist Centre psychologists and admin staff can work with you to take the maximum advantage of your approved plan to strengthen your capacity to reach your goals.

Services that are available through NDIS

National Disability Agency (NDIA) understands that everyone has different needs, aspirations and goals. To accommodate personal differences, NDIA provides a range of personalized plans to suit the individuals, who met the NDIS access requirements (described below), otherwise known as participants.

NDIA provides support to individuals through the pathways, shown below.

Information and referral: In many cases, support starts with obtaining the correct information on where to find support and how to tap into it. Anyone with disability and may have any questions and may need advice, information and referral services can contact NDIA directly.

Support to access services and activities: In some cases individuals with disability may need support to access available supports or join in local community activities such as social, study, sporting or other interests. NDIA has local coordinators that can assist with making these connections.

Individualised plans and supports: If you were to meet the access requirements, NDIA works with you to develop your individualised plan. The personalised plan is made up specific activities or services in one or more support categories.

A list of the available support categories is summarised in the Table, shown below.

Support CategoryServices Overview
Core SupportsAssistance with Daily LifeThis support category relates to assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life to enable the you to live as autonomously as possible.
TransportTransport enables you to access disability supports outside their home, and to pay for transport that helps you to achieve the goals in their plan
ConsumablesConsumables are a support category available to assist you with purchasing everyday use items. Supports such as continence and home enteral nutrition (HEN) products and interpreting services are included in this category.
Assistance with social and community participationThese supports enable a you to engage in community, social or recreational activities. For example, a support worker to assist you to participate in social and community activities.
Capital SupportAssistive TechnologyThis category includes all aids or equipment supports that assist you to live independently or assist a carer to support the participant. Examples include equipment and home or vehicle modifications
Home ModificationsHome modifications include design, construction, installation of or changes to equipment or non-structural components of the building, and installation of fixtures or fittings, to enable you to live as independently as possible or to live safely at home
Capacity Building SupportsCoordination of SupportsThis is a fixed amount for a Support Coordinator to help you use your plan
Improved Living ArrangementsSupport to help you find and maintain an appropriate place to live.
Increased Social and Community ParticipationDevelopment and training to increase your skills so you can participate in community, social and recreational activities.
Finding and keeping a jobThis may include employment-related support; training and assessments that help you find and keep a job, such as School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES). In addition, it could also provide the required counselling services to empower you further in this process.
Improved relationshipsThis support will help you develop positive behaviours and interact with others.
Improved health and well-beingThis category includes psychological services exercise or diet advice to manage the impact of your disability.
Improved learningExamples include training, advice and help for you to move from school to further education, such as university or TAFE.
Choice and control (improved life choices)Plan management to help you manage your plan, funding and paying for services.
Improved Daily Living SkillsAssessment, training or therapy to help increase your skills, independence and community participation.

Accessing NDIS

Once you become a participant, you will meet a NDIS planner, who will assist you to develop an individually tailored package of supports, aimed towards increasing your independence, inclusion, social and economic participation.

At Takes Care Specialist Centre, we can work with you from the initial assessment through planning and execution of your approved plan.

For more information on the NDIS access requirements, please visit the following sites:

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