Takes Care Specialist Centre was formed in 2011 by Ms Katayoon Haghseresht and Dr Fouad Haghseresht to provide psychological services to Queenslanders.

At the time of the inception of Takes Care Specialist Centre, Ms Katayoon was an experienced psychologist, with over 12 years of working for various government and non-government sectors. Complementary to herclinical skills, Dr Fouad Haghseresht had several years of company management experience, which gave him the required business and risk management skills to grow Takes Care Specialist Centre.

The combination of the two partners was the right match to grow the company from a sole trader to what it is today, a vibrant psychiatry and psychology group that provides face to face psychiatry and psychology session to the Brisbane community and telehealth session to the regional areas.

If you wish to enquire about our face to face psychology or psychiatric services, please call to find out more.

On the other hand, if you live anywhere outside of metropolitan areas, please call us to find out more how you can have access to psychological and psychiatric services through telehealth.